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Brrrn Bundle | 6 FT Adjustable + 1-YR Subscription
The Brrrn Board shown alongside a smart phone and tablet displaying the Brrrn At-Home app.

Brrrn Bundle


Brrrn Board | 6 FT Adjustable
The Brrrn Board slide board, shown in both its 5ft and 6ft settings.

Brrrn Board


Brrrn Monthly | Monthly Subscription
A smart phone and a tablet displaying images from the Brrrn At-Home All-Access Subscription. Fitness trainer on a slide board. Fitness trainer doing planks.

Brrrn Monthly


"Couch to 5K" | 6-Week Running Program
Three athletic runners in a race

"Couch to 5K"


Slide Polish
A 4 ounce bottle of UltraSlide Slide Polish on a white background.

Slide Polish