As a lifelong lover of intense competition and extreme climates, Karli has always thrived in the midday summer heat in both Memphis & Miami for sports drills & beach runs, as well as in the wee hours of the icy January NYC mornings for her love of winter running. Call her crazy, but she and her sister chose (& paid hard earned dollars) to run a 6 hour ultramarathon in mid-July in a 1.2mile loop here in NYC…just to give you an idea. So, it is no surprise that Karli’s insatiable craving for a new challenge has brought her into “the fridge”. With a decade of experience in the Health & Fitness industry plus 4 years as a 2-sport D3 collegiate athlete under her belt, she is sure to give you a workout to remember that will surely spark your craving for another challenge…& another & another & another…

Cool Facts:

  • Karli grew up on a farm in NJ

  • As a Running Coach here in NYC & beyond, Coach Karli enjoys pacing marathons

  • Certifications: NASM CPT, PES, CES, FNS, WLS, Vdot02, RRCA L1, KettleBell Athletics L1&L2, Pre/Post-Natal, TRX, PowerPlate, EFTI Tier3

  • Karli is rarely seen without her sidekick black lab, Bucky