A co-founder of Brrrn, Johnny hails from Wisconsin, the cheese state. His favorite activity is to go Up North and eat cheese and drink beer. Whether going “Up-North” means Wisconsin, New York or Minnesota (where his lovely partner is from; she loves cold since she’s from Minne-Snow-Ta, oh don’t ya know), Johnny is the biggest fan of the outdoors and eating and drinking cold beverages in the company of friends and family, preferably with them. A background in public health and food, Johnny served on former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Obesity Task Force in 2012 creating opportunities for access to physical activity and healthy eating. Oh, he’s also a certified personal trainer, a registered yoga teacher and father to a cat named Kai.

Cool Facts:

  • Performed as the mascot, Bucky the Badger at The University of Wisconsin-Madison

  • Herded 200 Sardinian Milk Sheep by horseback in the southern Italian region of Molise in his twenties. His border collie, named Jackie, kept him company

  • Johnny has a huge crush on Green Bay Packer QB Aaron Rodgers (like huge)

  • Wrote for The Daily Beast as their Fitness & Health Critic

  • Dual Citizen, Italian-American. His maternal family comes from the Italian region of Abruzzo where all that yummy Montepulciano wine comes from. #forzaitalia