Born and raised in the wicked cool city of Boston (BAH-sten), Massachusetts, Coco is like a sour patch kid. First she’s sweet then she’ll kick your ass in a grueling workout session. Growing up riding horses in Montana and later joining her college’s equestrian team, Coco has always been competitive and loved playing sports. Coming from the American Academy of Personal Training, Coco enjoys all different types of workouts and exercises. One day she’ll be doing yoga and the next day you’ll find her training for a marathon or trying underwater cycling. Coco grew up spending most of her summers in Montana on a dude ranch or in stables cleaning horse poop in exchange for lessons. We wouldn’t judge Coco on her sweet and composed exterior demeanor. She will push your body to the extreme every workout because she believes in lifting heavy, getting dirty, giving it all you got, and ignoring the brrrn in your muscles. Coco keeps clients moving from the second they walk into the door to the moment they leave, and she doesn’t have sympathy for people who give up early just because they’re tired. Coco understands that every workout should be rewarding for you emotionally and physically because she has experienced herself how it can help overcome life’s hurdles and change a life. Bonus: in her classes, you might witness her cringe-worthy dance moves!

Cool Facts:

  • She got kicked out of the FedEx on 28th and Park and am never allowed back in

  • In high school, she broke the record for the most broc-chicks eaten in one sitting. That’s fried chicken stuffed with creamy broccoli and cheese.

  • She got kicked in the back by a horse and had a pretty awesome horseshoe-shaped mark for about a year afterwards

  • Besides America, she’s competed in horseback riding in both England and Ireland and has come in first a several times

  • She’s run and completed the Boston Marathon 2x!