Hailing from Hamilton, Ohio, Chris has called NYC home for over twenty years (and no he didn’t move here when he was 10, he thanks his parents daily for good genes). Aftering touring the country and performing in theatre for many years, Chris has now been working in fitness (AFAA certified), with a focus on kettlebell, HIIT and cardio training, for the past five years. He’s known for pushing you to your limits, helping you unlock your inner superhero, but you’ll likely forget how hard you’re working because you’ll be having way too much fun. When not teaching class, he enjoys sprinkling YAAAAAS all over NYC and spending time with his husband and their four-legged pal, Niles at their cabin upstate.

Cool Facts:

  • Is in the Guiness Book of World Records

  • For the last seven years, he’s only updated his FB status in the form of haiku

  • Margarita or Manhattan? One of his toughest decisions to make