Caitlyn (feel free to call her by her artist nickname: Cake) is a charismatic, energetic, and entertaining instructor with over 6 years of NYC group and personal fitness training. Caitlyn has a passion for expanding people’s minds, hearts, and bodies to revolutionary fitness programming and cannot wait to educate New Yorkers to the benefits of brrrn’s “coldture”! She is a compassionate and hands-on instructor with a flair for song and dance, so be prepared to have fun and feel empowered! And one more thing: the price of admission to her class is a song medley from “Frozen” (just kidding!….but like not…).

Cool Facts:

  • NFPT Certified Trainer

  • Singer working on her first album

  • Go-go dancer and hype girl at NYC bars such as the Stonewall Inn

  • Sassy, energetic, compassionate & entertaining you KNOW IT!